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Pet Wellness Exams

Understanding Pet Wellness Exams and How They Help Your Pet

Pet exams are integral to maintaining your pet’s health and happiness. Regular pet wellness exams can help identify underlying conditions and issues that significantly impact your pet’s health and well-being. Our team of veterinarian professionals at Valley Animal Hospital in Clifton, NJ, specializes in comprehensive wellness exams to ensure your pet can live its best life for many years to come.

Pet Wellness Exams

Why Are Pet Wellness Exams Important?

Animals often do not exhibit symptoms when something is wrong, and they certainly cannot tell us if they do not feel well. This reason shows just how vital regular pet exams are. These exams allow your veterinarian to detect potentially significant health problems in your pet and treat them before they lead to future complications. Your veterinarian can also give your pet vaccines to protect it from several diseases during pet wellness exams.

What to Expect During a Pet Wellness Exam

A pet exam ensures your pet is in tip-top shape from head to tail, inside and out. We may also request a fresh stool sample to check for intestinal worms. During the exam, our vet will do the following:

•           Check coat and skin for parasites and abnormalities

•           Examine eyes, ears, nose, and mouth

•           Assess weight, temperature, and other vital signs

•           Listen to heart and lungs

•           Mobility and joint assessment

•           Check reflexes

•           Dental check

•           Vaccinations

•           Heartworm preventative care

•           Flea and tick preventative care

Depending on our veterinarian’s findings during your pet’s exam, they may order diagnostic tests like bloodwork and X-rays. Our veterinarian will also discuss your pet’s nutrition, exercise, and proper grooming techniques to keep it healthy.

How Often Should I Schedule a Pet Exam?

Typically, puppies and kittens should be seen by your veterinarian every three to four weeks for the first six months. Doing this ensures your puppy or kitten receives the proper vaccinations and grows correctly. Healthy adult pets should have one exam annually unless they have a health issue. Senior pets should be seen by your veterinarian every six months to ensure they are not developing conditions associated with aging, such as arthritis. Your veterinarian may also recommend your pet be seen more frequently based on its lifestyle.

Schedule a Pet Wellness Exam Today at Valley Animal Hospital in Clifton, NJ

Pet wellness exams are crucial for detecting health issues and conditions before they lead to significant health problems in your pet, so contact Valley Animal Hospital in Clifton, NJ, to schedule a pet exam today. We can protect your pet’s health and happiness for years to come, so call us and schedule an appointment at (973) 509-5225.


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