Pet Wellness Exams

Pet Wellness Exams With Your Veterinarians in Clifton, NJ

You're least likely to be worried about your pet's health when he seems perfectly well, but the best time to catch any health conditions is before they're causing serious problems. That's why Valley Animal Hospital is proud to provide preventative pet wellness exams. Our trusted veterinarians in Clifton, NJ can make absolutely sure your pet is healthy, prescribe treatment for any issues we find, and advise you on best practices for keeping your pet well.

Dog getting a Pet Wellness Exam in Clifton, NJ.

Why Pet Wellness Exams Matter

No matter how well you know your pet, you can't necessarily tell how healthy he is just by looking at him. Just as humans can fall prey to diseases that they don't even know they have, pets can harbor all kinds of hidden health problems without showing obvious pain or other symptoms. Baby animals are especially vulnerable to health threats from germs, pests, and parasites, while geriatric animals face an elevated risk of age-related problems such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and organ failure. This is where regular pet wellness exams can come to the preemptive rescue. The earlier we can catch a potentially-deadly ailment, the more easily and effectively we can administer treatment to control it.

What to Expect From a Pet Wellness Exam

How often does your pet need a wellness exam? It depends largely on his stage of life. Puppies and kittens need several wellness exams early in their lives; this helps to ensure they're receiving whatever care they may need to reach a healthy maturity. Most healthy adult pets need one wellness exam per year, while geriatric pets need two exams per year.

A pet wellness exam at Valley Animal Hospital checks your pet's health from nose to tail, inside and out. Your veterinarian in Clifton will:

  • Examine your pet's skins, eyes, teeth, ears, paws, and nose
  • Weight your pet to check for obesity (a serious health risk in its own right)
  • Record your pet's vital signs
  • Run lab tests on blood, stool and urine samples to check for diseases or internal parasites
  • Observe your pet's behavior, cognitive function, and sensory responses

Once we have a thorough understanding of your pet's current status, we can present the results to you and discuss any treatment or other care he might require. We're also happy to answer any questions you may have about your pet's behavior, diet, activity levels, safety, and other wellness issues.

Schedule an Exam at Valley Animal Hospital in Clifton, NJ

It's a great feeling when you don't have to wonder about your pet's health because you've taken the proper steps to check it regularly. Call (973) 509-5225 today to schedule your exam with our Clifton veterinarians at Valley Animal Hospital.


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