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Elderly Pet Exams

At Valley Animal Hospital in Clifton, NJ, we understand that elderly pets need extra care. This is why elderly pets undergo different types of exams than younger pets. We have been caring for elderly pets for many years and will evaluate your pet’s condition to identify any underlying medical conditions. Read on to learn more about what you can expect from an elderly pet exam.

Senior Pets

Geriatric Pets Have Different Needs

One of the most important things to remember is that pets age more rapidly than humans. Though your pet may only be seven or eight years old, this may be considered a senior age by a veterinarian. The good news is that with preventative care, a pet can continue to live a healthy and long life well into its golden years. As your pet grows older, you should schedule exams twice a year instead of just once.

A Pet Exam Looks for Specific Senior Issues

During your pet’s exam, our vet will look for specific issues relevant to senior pets. For example, our vet will spend more time focusing on concerns like arthritis and diabetes. The pet exam will also involve a closer look at your pet's teeth and gums as well as your pet's weight. Your senior pet's mobility will also be assessed. Our veterinarian will ensure that your pet can perform the movements they need to move safely.

What Happens During a Senior Pet Exam

A senior pet exam is not unlike an exam for a younger pet. The key difference is that your pet may need bloodwork once a year. Blood and urine tests may also be necessary. In some cases, the vet will also try to collect a fecal sample for further testing. Early treatment can prevent symptoms from appearing or worsening. Our veterinarian will ask a lot of questions about your pet's eating or drinking habits and changes in behavior. Our veterinarian will also ask about any changes in weight and activity.

Care for Geriatric Pets in Clifton, NJ

If you are looking for elderly pet care in Clifton, NJ, contact Valley Animal Hospital today. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us today at (973) 509-5225.


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