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Pet Pain Management

An Overview of Pet Pain Management from Valley Animal Hospital

Pain is the most common reason why people take their pet to see a veterinarian. Like people, there are lots of reasons why an animal, such as a dog, might be in pain. In some cases, it may be present because of an acute injury. In a geriatric or senior dog, it might have developed gradually over time. Regardless of the reason why it is important for everyone living in the Clifton area to know that there are lots of treatment options available for an aging dog in pain. This is where the team from Valley Animal Hospital is here to help everyone in the local area. 


Pain Management Options for an Older Dog

There are many reasons why a dog might be in pain; however, the root cause of most pain issues is inflammation. In some cases, a dog might have inflammation due to arthritis. In other situations, it might be due to an autoimmune disease. Some dogs might even have a prior, serious injury. Regardless, there are treatment options available.

Dog Rehabilitation: The veterinary specialist may discuss a treatment option known as dog rehab. In this treatment, a dog will be placed into a rehab course just like any other person who is dealing with chronic pain. This treatment will focus on exercises designed to strengthen the support in and around an area that might be causing pain.

Medications: The veterinarian may also recommend medications for a senior or older dog. These medications may be designed to reduce inflammation as well as target the neurological reasons for canine pain. These medications might have some side effects so these should be discussed with the doctor ahead of time.

Surgery: Finally, the doctor may also recommend surgery in some cases. Surgery is avoided if possible; however, for an aging dog, there might not be another option available. This will be discussed in detail before any decisions are made.

Rely on the Compassionate Care from Valley Animal Hospital

Nobody wants to see their pet in pain which is why the team from Valley Animal Hospital will always place the needs of their families ahead of their own. All of these options are on the table when it comes to helping a geriatric dog manage their pain. Anyone in the Clifton area who would like to learn more about pet pain management should call us today at (973) 509-5225 to make an appointment. 


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