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Veterinary Services We Provide at Valley Animal Hospital

Getting your pet the best possible veterinary care is vital for ensuring it remains happy and healthy. Your pet is an integral member of your family, so your responsibility as its owner is to keep it healthy with regularly scheduled pet exams and veterinary services. Valley Animal Hospital in Clifton, NJ, provides several quality services for your beloved furry friends. Our caring, knowledgeable team goes above and beyond to help you find the root causes of pet-related health issues. Continue reading to learn about the multiple veterinary services we provide to keep your pet’s health in tip-top shape.


Pet Surgery

Dealing with pet surgery can be stressful, but surgery is sometimes necessary to keep your pet healthy. We provide several forms of pet surgery, including spaying and neutering young pets to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Our team also offers gland surgery, which is common if your pet has a gland infection.

Other examples of pet surgery we provide include bladder and urinary tract surgery, tumor removal, hematoma repair, and gastrointestinal surgery. We also offer laser surgery for most soft tissue problems, like skin tumors, anal glands, and oral cysts.

Pet Exams and Preventative Care

Regular wellness exams are integral for preserving your pet’s good health. Even if your pet seems completely healthy, scheduling pet exams will help maintain your pet’s health while identifying possible health problems early.

Our veterinary office also provides preventative care during these exams to keep your pet healthy and happy in the long term. These exams may include standard practices that promote pet health, such as deworming, vaccinations, and prescribing your pet medication for heartworm, flea, and tick prevention.

Pet Rehab Services

Some pets may require rehabilitation services to help alleviate pain and stiffness or address issues with mobility. The pet rehab services at Valley Animal Hospital can help treat several medical conditions, including nerve injuries, strokes, and Wobblers Syndrome.

Our veterinary team will create a customized rehabilitation plan for your pet’s unique needs and lifestyle. This rehab plan may include methods like laser therapy, using a resistant pool or underwater treadmill, undergoing therapeutic ultrasound treatments, or using a whirlpool with electrostimulation.

Pet Dental Care

Just like humans, animals need regular dental care to keep their oral health strong and prevent several dental diseases. Our office provides multiple preventative pet dental care services, such as teeth cleanings, extractions, and polishing. We will perform a dental exam and clean your pet’s teeth to help prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and infections.

Pet Boarding

Our animal hospital provides comfortable boarding services to keep your pet happy and healthy while you are out and about. We also have a pet hotel with climate-controlled, spacious areas to maintain your pet’s comfort whenever it needs to stay overnight. You can rest easy knowing your pet is in safe and loving hands at our clinic.

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Finding a veterinary clinic you can trust to provide high-quality care is vital for ensuring your pet lives a long, healthy life, so look no further than Valley Animal Hospital in Clifton, NJ. We provide several services that can keep your pet healthy for years to come, so call us and schedule an appointment with our vet at (973) 509-5225.


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    We do not, however, love the prices Vets charge. It is more for a pet visit than a human being. I don't know how people with more than one animal afford pet care."
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