Our Veterinary Services at Valley Animal Hospital

Your pets will always come first here at Valley Animal Hospital. Our Clifton veterinarians are devoted to each and every patient, and they go above and beyond to provide the wellness care your pets need to thrive. Thanks to our veterinarians' years of experience with complex procedures and Dr. Henderson's certification in animal rehabilitation, our full-service animal hospital is ready to handle all your pet's needs.


Pet Wellness Care and Vaccinations

Regular wellness care is your pet's ticket to good health. Our Clifton veterinarians recommend annual exams and booster vaccinations for every companion animal. This preventative care allows us to keep track of changes in your pet's health, protect them from diseases and parasites, and detect conditions or complications early enough to provide treatment.

Pet Wellness Exams

Schedule a physical pet exam at least once a year. These manual evaluations include assessments of your pet's weight, coat condition, musculoskeletal system, heart and lung health, nutrition, and more.

Pet Vaccinations

Our vets will protect your pets from the most common threats in Clifton, Montclair, Nutley, and the surrounding areas. Depending on your pet's age, species, and lifestyle, we will personalize a vaccination regimen that includes core and non-core vaccines such as rabies, Bordetella, distemper, and more.

Pet Dental Care

Pets need dental care too, and our comprehensive dentistry program is designed to promote good oral health and hygiene. Schedule a thorough cleaning, also known as dental prophylaxis, to remove built-up plaque and maintain the shine, color, and strength of your pet's teeth.

Pet Surgery

At our full-service animal hospital in Clifton, New Jersey, we have the surgical experience and state-of-the-art equipment to perform a variety of delicate surgeries.

Routine Surgery

We spay and neuter pets to prevent overpopulation and reduce future health risks, and we also perform a variety of soft tissue surgeries, including extractions and repairs.

Advanced Surgery

If your pet has a bad fracture, cancerous tumor, or any other health problem that requires serious surgery, we will make sure we keep their risks low and find the right treatment right away. We also perform knee surgeries including anterior cruciate repair and correction of patellar laxations.

Laser Surgery

We use laser light technology to minimize risks and improve the accuracy of many routine and advanced procedures.  Laser technology has been helping doctors to safely and effectively treat patients for more than 20 years. The technology is well proven and well documented, and it is now gradually being adopted by progressive companion animal health care facilities. It is important to note that Valley Animal Hospital was one of the first hospitals in the entire Northeast U.S. to utilize this type of surgery in veterinary medicine. We have over a decade of experience in its use.

Pet Rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation team is here to help your pet heal, recover, and adapt. We use rehabilitative techniques to manage the symptoms of recurring and chronic conditions, including osteoarthritis, and to restore mobility, strength, and range of motion after injuries, surgeries, or genetic conditions.

Our certified veterinarian in Clifton uses the following therapies:

  • Laser Therapy Therapeutic

  • Ultrasounds Whirlpool with Electrostimulation

  • Whole Body Vibrational Therapy

  • Pulsed Signal Therapy

  • Resistance Pool Therapy

  • Underwater Treadmill

Pet Boarding

Valley Animal Hospital supplies a healthy, rejuvenating spa-like environment. Designed from a pet's viewpoint, it is specially equipped for the healthy as well as the special needs patients. Our staff is highly experienced in administering oral, topical and injectable medications. In addition, we have the expertise and facilities to properly care for pets with mobility or incontinence issues. When we designed our boarding facility, we made it so we would be comfortable if our own pets stayed here. Dogs stay in mini-suites. Cats stay in our custom build cat condos. Board your furry friend with us today! 

For more information about our veterinary services at Valley Animal Hospital, give us a call today at (973) 509-5225! 


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Read What Our Clients Say

    Great care of my cat! All the staff were wonderful to deal with and you can tell they really care and love what they do! Thanks for taking care of us!


    Dr. Henderson is a caring Vet. We love him. We do not, however, love the prices Vets charge. It is more for a pet visit than a human being. I don't know how people with more than one animal afford pet care.

    georgef, Glen Ridge