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Puppy and Kitten Care

Puppy and Kitten Care From Valley Animal Hospital

If you just obtained a puppy or kitten to keep as a pet, it is likely you have several questions pertaining to their care. One of the most important steps you need to keep your pet in the best of health is to make an appointment at Valley Animal Hospital to obtain an exam for your pet by our veterinarian in Clifton. When you visit our animal hospital in Clifton, our vet will provide the following services in kitten care or puppy care for your new member of the family.

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Primary Care For Puppies And Kittens

An examination is conducted to check over your pet's body for any abnormalities that require treatment. If our vet discovers a difficulty, appropriate action is taken to ensure your pet's medical needs are handled appropriately.

Wellness Exams

Your pet will require wellness exams throughout their life. We may ask that you bring your pet in more often during their younger and older years, as these times require different tactics in diet, immunization, and overall care.


Vaccinations will protect your pet from harmful conditions and medical problems. Our veterinarian will discuss each immunization with you before it is administered so you know its importance beforehand. These vaccines will keep your pet in the best of health throughout all stages of their life. Different frequencies are required for the administration of immunizations as well, so our vet will provide you with a list of each type if desired.

Parasite Control

To keep your pet from suffering from itchiness, bites, and anxiety, parasite control tactics are necessary. Our veterinarian will alert you about the different types of parasites, what harm they do to pets, and how they can be treated if your pet happens to have a problem with them. Stop parasites from bothering your pet altogether with proper prevention medications which can be administered by our vet in our office.

Spaying & Neutering

If you do not plan on breeding your pet, spaying or neutering is best. This process is conducted in a surgical setting. Our vet will provide you with more details during a routine exam.

Special Diet Considerations 

If your pet requires a special diet, our vet will help you obtain the necessary food. They will discuss portion control and help you select options to help your pet stay at a designated weight.

Behavior Training & Socialization 

If your pet requires training, our vet can point you in the right direction for help. In addition, socialization groups are available in the area to consider.

If your pet requires kitten care or puppy care, call Valley Animal Hospital in Clifton. Reach our animal hospital at (973) 509-5225 to find out more.



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  • "Great care of my cat! All the staff were wonderful to deal with and you can tell they really care and love what they do! Thanks for taking care of us!"
  • "Dr. Henderson is a caring Vet. We love him.
    We do not, however, love the prices Vets charge. It is more for a pet visit than a human being. I don't know how people with more than one animal afford pet care."
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