Preventative Care

Don't just wait until your pet gets sick to take it to a veterinarian. Preventative care can help keep your pet healthy in the first place. Clifton residents have trusted us at Valley Animal Hospital to treat their sick pets and provide the care their pets need to stay healthy. See how we can help your pet through our preventative care services.

Preventative care can help keep your pet healthy in the first place

What Is Preventative Veterinary Care?

Both people and pets need medical care to prevent health problems. What illness prevention looks like differs depending on the stage of life. For example, young puppies will need vaccines to prevent communicable diseases that could harm them. Older cats require regular checkups to look for signs of urinary tract infections. Identifying such problems early allows a vet to treat the condition before it spreads.

Vaccines and Parasite Prevention

Preventing diseases starts when your pet is young with vaccines and parasite prevention. However, you cannot stop these treatments after your pet reaches adulthood. Pets need booster shots for many vaccines, including rabies to keep their immune systems strong. Additionally, you will need regular flea, tick, and heartworm prevention medicine as your vet recommends, especially if your pet regularly goes outside. But even indoor pets can get fleas without prevention. Talk to the vet about the options you have to prevent parasites on your pet.

More Than Wellness Exams

While wellness exams are a part of preventative care, they are not the only part of preventing problems for your pet. Your veterinarian is an important partner in keeping your pet healthy. The routine exams conducted by the vet only give part of the picture of your pet's health. You need to watch for any changes in your pet's habits, behaviors or body.

Differences Among Pet Breeds

Cats and dogs have different health concerns throughout their lives. Additionally, certain breeds are more susceptible to some conditions. For example, large dog breeds are more likely to experience joint pain or arthritis, especially in their later years. Your vet will know what conditions to monitor your pet for. If you have questions, feel free to ask the veterinary staff at your pet's appointment.

Older Pets Have Special Concerns

Don't forget about your senior pets. Animals age faster than people, so your senior pet will need more frequent visits with a veterinarian than once a year. When your cat or dog enters its senior years depends on its breed. The vet will help you to know when you need to think about making preventative care appointments for your older animal.

Make an Appointment for Recommendations for Your Pet

If you want to get your pet a checkup or make an appointment to discuss your pet's preventative care needs, contact our Clifton veterinary practice. Our phone number is (973) 509-5225. At Valley Animal Hospital, we not only treat your pet but also help you with preventative care. Your pet's health is our top priority.


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