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Pulsed Signal Therapy

PST at Our Clifton Vet Clinic

Pet arthritis and other degenerative conditions or injuries can leave your pet feeling stiff, sore, and unable to enjoy life. If your beloved companion is having trouble sleeping or getting around comfortable, you'll be happy to learn that an advanced therapeutic method can now ease these kinds of discomfort and promote healing without surgery or drugs. It's called pulsed signal therapy or PST -- and we can provide it right here at our Clifton vet clinic, Valley Animal Hospital.

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What Is PST?

PST is a technique that uses the power of magnetic field pulses to stimulate healing and normalize tissue function. These pulses stimulate the natural impulses that normally trigger repair and regrowth processes in healthy tissues. In tissues which have been damaged beyond their own ability to heal themselves, the magnetic impulses fill in for that missing signal, triggering the body's healing responses.

Pulsed signal therapy is effective on many kinds of tissue injury and degeneration. One of the most common examples is osteoarthritis, the deterioration of cartilage that produces chronic joint pain and lameness. The pulsed magnetic signals promote cartilage repair at the cellular level. PST can also help regenerate bone, muscle, and connective tissue. Pets who receive this therapy often heal more rapidly and thoroughly than they would otherwise, enjoying shorter recuperation periods and better joint function. PST was originally approved in Europe for treatment of humans in 1994, and it has finally been approved in the U.S. for use on pets. We're excited to include this form of care, which offers many of the same pet pain management benefits as medication but without the side effects or interactions -- and with the huge additional benefit of genuine tissue healing.

Non-Invasive Pet Pain Management from Our Veterinarian

PST can play a vital role in your pet's holistic veterinary care or pet pain management plan. The procedure itself is completely painless -- all your pet has to do is sit comfortably within the device as it generates its pulsed signals. It can help not only with pet arthritis but also with conditions such as hip dysplasia, acute soft tissue or corrective tissue damage, slow-healing fractures, and intervertebral disc disease. Our veterinarian can complement your pet's PST treatments with other healing services to help restore optimal comfort and function.

Call us today to find out whether Pulsed Signal Therapy makes sense for your Clifton, Montclair or Nutley pet. We'll be happy to evaluate your pet and prescribe the appropriate treatment program for his individual needs and condition!


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