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Pet Ear Infections

Pet Ear Infections - Why Treatment Matters

Valley Animal Hospital in Clifton, NJ wants pet owners to understand the importance of treating pet ear infections promptly. The better pet owners understand what ear infections are, how they affect their pets, and what they can mean for their pets; the better prepared they are to seek treatment early in the process and stay on top of the treatment process. 


Symptoms of Ear Infections in Pets

There are many symptoms that often indicate ear infections in pets. Your pet may exhibit some or all of the following symptoms in conjunction with an ear infection:

  • Scratching at one or both ears.
  • Odor from ears.
  • Redness and swelling in the ear’s canal.
  • Itchiness, scratching of the ear,
  • Crusty scabs in one or both ears.
  • Dark discharge from the infected ear(s).

The problem is that many different things cause ear infections. It is important to narrow down the cause of the ear infection to understand how to properly treat it. That often requires veterinarian care. Common causes include:

  • Moisture in the ear.
  • Allergies, food and skin allergies in particular.
  • Thyroid disease.
  • Buildup of wax in the ear.
  • Injuries to the ear.
  • Overly enthusiastic cleaning by owners.

Other things may cause ear infections as well, which is why a Veterinary visit is often in order when you suspect an ear infection in your pet.

Why Visit a Veterinarian for a Pet’s Ear Infection?

Veterinary clinics have the tools and diagnostic equipment to make precise diagnosis about the extent of the ear infection and the probable cause of said infection. This can make a huge difference in securing prompt, effective treatment for the actual infection. More importantly, your veterinarian can identify potentially chronic problems with your pet’s ear health and act to get the problem under control.

Failing to get help when your pet has an ear infection can lead to worsening symptoms and may ultimately result in partial or total hearing loss. Your veterinarian can prescribe effective medications to treat the problem quickly. Your vet can also order specialized ear cleaning products for your pets to help prevent future ear infections. After all, prevention is the best cure.

Don’t put your pet’s hearing at risk. If you suspect an ear infection, it is better to err on the side of caution. Visit Valley Animal Hospital in Clifton today for more information on our services. Call us at at (973) 509-5225.


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