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Pet Behavioral Counseling

Pet Behavioral Counseling in Clifton

While our pets mean the world to us, sometimes they have problems with their behavior. From barking excessively to going to the bathroom indoors, dealing with a pet’s behavior can sometimes be challenging. And with our busy lives, it can be hard to train our pets properly. If you’re looking for behavior counseling for your beloved pet, then pick up the phone and call Valley Animal Hospital today. We’re happy to have very skilled and professional veterinary experts on staff who can help train your dog to behave properly. Keep reading to learn more about the common behavior issues out there, including how behavior counseling can help.

Pet Behavioral Counseling in Clifton

Common Behavior Issues

While there are many different types of behavior problems that frequently happen with pets, there are a few common ones to understand. If these issues aren’t fixed quickly, this puppy behavior might turn into a normal behavior for this rest of their life. Common behavior problems include:


Both dogs and cats love to dig. But if digging becomes excessive, it can create many problems—both for their behavior and your yard. The key to stopping digging is a distraction. If you can distract them with a toy, then you might have a solution. Our veterinarian can work with you to stop this digging problem. 


Especially with puppies and kittens, chewing is a very common behavioral issue. Not only can it lead to further behavior problems, but it can lead to costly damages. 

Pulling on the Leash

When your dog pulls on the leash when you’re walking them, it can be very annoying to deal with. In addition, it means there’s a behavioral issue. When you see us for a counseling appointment, we can give you tips on how to stop the pulling problem.


When dogs excessively jump when they're excited, it can lead to dangerous situations—especially when kids or elders are around. While this is a natural response when dogs are excited, it isn’t how they’re supposed to behave. Our team can work with you and your pet to stop the jumping.

How Our Veterinarian Can Help

Given the vast experience that our veterinarian has when it comes to dealing with behavior problems, we can easily help your pet improve their behavior. Our team knows various strategies and tactics aimed at progressively improving behavior for both cats and dogs. Whether you have a puppy or an older dog, we can sit down with you and your pet, asses the concerns, then offer professional counseling services aimed at a better life for you and your beloved pet.

Looking for a reliable veterinary clinic in Clifton? From behavioral issues to routine checkups, Valley Animal Hospital is here to offer top-notch animal care. Call us today to make an appointment!


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