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Pet Wellness Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

Pet Wellness Care in Clifton

Pet wellness is a concern every pet owner should monitor and stay on top of. While animals are very good at their immediate needs, taking care of their long-term health is a bit beyond even the smartest of creatures. They need their human owners to track and stay on top of pet care and exams to spot issues early. Otherwise, left unaddressed, health concerns can build up just like they do in people. Valley Animal Hospital in Clifton, NJ, offers pet wellness exams.

Aspects of Veterinary Pet Wellness 

Essentially, pet wellness applied by a veterinarian is about pet preventative care. That includes health exams, updating statistics like weight and visible health measurements, applying vaccines and parasitic prevention medicines, and checking for signs of hidden problems via lab work. By applying these practices regularly, a good number of health issues can be caught early, as well as confirm how current care is working correctly. Ideally, a pet wellness check should be applied at least once a year and for senior pets more frequently, like twice a year.

Additionally, when a pet wellness check by a vet happens at the same veterinarian’s office, a history can be developed to see how the pet’s health is developing over time. Hydration, pet nutrition, and fur coat status all give off signs over time about the pet's condition.

Clifton, NJ, Help for Pet Care Wellness Checks

If you're in the area looking for a qualified vet that provides regular pet wellness checks beyond a simple exam, Valley Animal Hospital is the key player to call. Our experienced veterinary team can handle pets of all types, big and small. We'll check for all the big indicators like fur coat condition, lab work, and hydration, as well as for less noticeable issues that signal a need for help. We can also help with pet nutrition guidance and health issues specific to NJ living as well. Call 973-509-5225 to schedule an appointment today!


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