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Spring Pet Safety Tips from Our Clifton Veterinarians

Many pets seem to think that spring is the best time of year. Warmer weather has returned, and your pet might be bursting at the seams to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.  Be aware though, spring can pose a few special dangers for pets, and it's important to be aware of them so you can keep your furry friends safe. Our Clifton veterinary team at Valley Animal Hospital urges you to keep the following pet health hazards in mind this spring.

1. Don't Wait to Think about Parasite Prevention

Is your pet protected from fleas and ticks? Fleas are most active when the weather is warm, and your pet is at greatest risk for picking up a tick when he spends a lot of time outside, especially in brushy areas. Some veterinarians recommend keeping pets on a year-round parasite prevention regimen. If your dog or cat isn't protected, talk to a veterinarian as soon as you can.

2. Be Sure That Your Cleaning and Lawn Care Chemicals Are Safe for Your Pet

Between spring cleaning your house and starting on the first yard work projects of the year, you might find yourself using some out-of-the-ordinary chemicals this spring. Before you use them, do your research to learn whether they are pet-safe. Never leave your chemical products out where your pet can get into them. Store them safely in a locked cupboard instead.

3. Don't Leave Your Kids' Easter Baskets Where Your Dog Can Get to Them

Chocolate is highly toxic for dogs, and so is the artificial sweetener xylitol. If you're playing Easter Bunny this year, keep sweet goodies stored out of your pet's reach, and don't set Easter baskets out in the open if you think your pet might try to investigate them.

A Clifton Veterinarian Can Help You Keep Your Pet Safe This Spring

Are you concerned about keeping your pet healthy and safe this spring? Our veterinary team at Valley Animal Hospital can help. Call our Clifton clinic today at 973-509-5225 to make an appointment with a veterinarian.


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