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What to Do When Your Pet is Recovering From Surgery

What to Do When Your Pet is Recovering From Surgery: Tips From Your Veterinarian in Clifton, NJ

At Valley Animal Hospital, we're always striving to be your go-to veterinarian in Clifton, NJ for all your pet's needs. Whether your beloved pet is due for a routine wellness exam or is even in need of a surgical procedure, you can rest assured that our skilled and experienced veterinary team is here to provide the highest standard of care.

Dog after surgery with a veterinarian in Clifton, NJ

Animal Rehabilitation After Surgery

One of the most common questions pet owners ask in regards to animal rehabilitation after surgery is "what can I do to help my pet recover as quickly as possible?" Of course, this will vary based on the type of surgery your pet had and other aspects of your pet's health. However, with our on-site pet rehabilitation center, your pet can receive the custom-tailored recovery plan needed to get back to a normal way of life in no time.

Often times, our team will recommend a series of at-home exercises that pet owners can perform with their pets to help them recover from a surgery. For example, if your pet has recently had spinal surgery, then one of the at-home exercises we may recommend is that of "physioroll standing exercises," which utilize a ball to assist a pet in the task of standing. This is great for improving strength in the muscles that support the spine.

Some other potential exercises we often recommend for recovering patients include:

  • hill-walking

  • joint mobilization

  • sit-to-stands

Most importantly, however, you should always see our office's Rehabilitation Specialist with your pet following surgery so we can make the right recommendations on rehabilitation exercises and other activities that may help your pet recover more quickly.

Contact Our Pet Rehabilitation Center Today

Whether your pet is in need of surgery or the procedure has already been done, we invite you to reach out to Valley Animal Hospital's pet rehabilitation center today. Contact us today! We're open six days a week for your convenience, and we proudly serve the areas of Montclair and Nutley as well!

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