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How to Prepare for My Pet's Surgery

How to Prepare for My Pet's Surgery in Clifton

Pet owners may find the experience of taking their pet in for surgery to be stressful. Making proper preparations can help make the experience go more smoothly. At Valley Animal Hospital in Clifton NJ, we help pet owners get themselves and their pets ready for surgery.

cat sleeping before pet surgery with veterinarian in Clifton

Below are some of the tips that we offer to pet owners:

  • Groom your pet. After the surgery is over, it may be a while before your pet wishes to be groomed. Grooming your pet ahead of time will help ensure that your pet is clean and can wait a while to be groomed again. Even if you don't bathe your pet at this time, brush your pet's fur.

  • Prepare a space for your pet during recovery. Your pet will need a place to lay and sleep after surgery has ended. Prepare a quiet, comfortable place in your home where your pet can lay down, but in a location where your pet can still feel close to the family.

  • Consult with the veterinarian about medications, vaccinations, food and drink. Your pet may be required to be vaccinated before the surgery happens. Your pet's vet can tell you if vaccinations are necessary, and if so, which ones. In addition, your pet's veterinarian may have instructions about whether or not your pet is allowed to eat or drink before the surgery occurs. Talk to your pet's veterinarian to find out for sure what needs to be done.

  • Prevent your pet from rough-housing the day before pet surgery. Have your pet take it easy the day before surgery occurs, so your pet will feel his or her best on the morning of the procedure.

Contact Your Pet's Veterinarian in Clifton NJ

If you're trying to prepare for dog surgery or cat surgery in your home, talk to your pet's veterinarian in Clifton NJ. At Valley Animal Hospital, we proudly serve the communities of Montclair and Nutley. Call us today.


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