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  • Should I be Concerned About my Pet's Oral Surgery?
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Should I be Concerned About my Pet's Oral Surgery?

Should I be Concerned About my Pet's Oral Surgery?

Does Your Pet Need Oral Surgery

Ongoing advances in pet dental care has made veterinary oral surgery one of the safest procedures your veterinarian in Clifton NJ performs almost daily. Although dental exams, teeth cleanings and pet dental extractions typically require some form of anesthesia, our animal hospital is equipped with the latest tools and imaging devices that not only support the effectiveness of oral surgery for pets but also ensures your pet remains as comfortable as possible during and after all types of pet dental care.

How are Pet Dental Extractions Performed?

Reasons your pet may need a tooth extracted range from periodontal disease and fractures to abscesses and looseness due to trauma. The reason why your pet is put to sleep during an extraction is because the root structures of animal teeth differ from the root structures of human teeth. Since dogs and cats are primarily carnivores, their teeth roots reach into surrounding bone and branch out for increased stability. In addition, teeth roots are located near the nasal cavity, major blood vessels and nerves. During an extraction, your veterinarian in Clifton NJ will remove the roots of a bad tooth and treat bone material in which roots were embedded. Closing the extraction site surgically further expedites healing and significantly reduces the risk of complications. At Valley Animal Hospital, we make sure all necessary roots and dental material are completely removed to eliminate future dental problems.

How Will Your Pet Feel Following Oral Surgery?

Most oral surgeries on pets take less than 45 minutes to complete. We monitor your pet closely during the procedure, making sure he is warm and comfortable. Once your pet awakens from the anesthesia, we continue watching his vitals until we think he has recovered enough to be sent home. Depending on the type of oral surgery your pet undergoes, your veterinarian in Clifton NJ may prescribe mild pain medication for your pet.

We understand how much you love your furry best friend and are happy to answer all your questions about pet dental care, pet dental extractions and oral surgery. Call Valley Animal Hospital today at (973) 509-5225. We also serve the Clifton, Montclair, Nutley and surrounding areas.


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