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Summertime Flea and Tick Prevention

Summertime Flea and Tick Prevention From Your Clifton Veterinarian

In New Jersey, the summer months are peak flea and tick season. These parasites lie in wait in grass and bushes, waiting for your animal to pass by so they can hitch a ride. The fleas will use your animal as a food source for fresh blood, reproducing abundantly in just a short time. And their eggs will continue to survive, making your pet suffer from itching for weeks or even months. Ticks will also ingest the blood of your pet and can pass on a number of diseases that can make the animal very sick. Your Clifton NJ veterinarian can recommend flea prevention products that can prevent a flea infestation in your home. Tick prevention measures will prevent your pet from acquiring serious diseases, such as Lyme disease.summertime flea and tick prevention from your veterinarian in clifton

Protecting Your Pet From External Parasites

Pet owners can choose from a number of flea and tick prevention products. Some of these products kill not only the fleas and tick but also eggs and larva of the pests. We use oral medications and soon-on products to protect your pet from parasites. Spot-on products are applied to the animal’s coat once each month for protection against fleas and ticks. Oral medications are available that are taken once a month that will protect against fleas and ticks, and also provide heartworm protection. Your veterinarian in Clifton NJ can advise you on the best products for your pet’s need.

Let Valley Animal Hospital Be Your Clifton NJ Veterinarian

Dr. Henderson, Dr. Thompson, and the caring staff at Valley Animal Hospital are dedicated to providing superior care to their patients in Clinton, Montclair, Nutley and surrounding communities. We offer a broad range of veterinary services, including sick animal care, wellness visits, vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, internal parasite prevention and treatment, dental care, orthopedic care, rehabilitative therapy, diagnostics, pharmacy services and surgery. Call Valley Animal Hospital today at 973-509-5225 for an appointment to discuss the best methods of flea and tick control to keep your pet healthy and comfortable this summer.


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