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Does my Pet Need Physical Therapy?

Understanding Physical Therapy For Pets

Physical therapy for pets is much like physical therapy for people. It can include a series of actions, such as exercise, therapeutic stretches, massage, joint mobilization, balance therapies and other techniques to improve muscle and joint function for most efficient movement. Physical therapy for pets may also include aqua therapy, heat or cold packs, extracorporeal shock wave therapy or low-level laser treatments. Sessions off physical therapy generally last for about an hour and can range in length of time from a few weeks to several months, depending on the underlying condition. The veterinary physical therapist may also provide at-home exercises to do that will promote faster healing and greater improvement in function after an injury or after surgery.physical therapy treatment for pets from your  veterinarian in clifton

Conditions That May Require Physical Therapy

In many cases, the veterinarian may prescribe physical therapy post surgery, to improve joint function with arthritis, to reduce swelling, to improve discomfort, to improve canine or feline gait problems or to increase range-of-motion for joint or patella injuries. Physical therapy is often used to help athletic dogs that have sustained injuries in competition or during practice sessions. It is also used to as a non-surgical method of treating osteoarthritis in older dogs. The physical therapist will collaborate with your Clifton NJ veterinarian to design an individualized plan for your pet’s specific needs.

Let Valley Animal Hospital Be Your Veterinarian in Clifton NJ

Dr. Henderson and the professional staff at Valley Animal Hospital provide superior care for their patients in Clifton, Montclair and Nutley NJ. We offer a broad range of veterinary services, including wellness care, vaccinations, internal and external parasite prevention, dental care, spay and neuter services, surgery, orthopedic care, rehabilitative therapies and boarding for pets. Call Valley Animal Hospital today at 973-509-5225 for an appointment to discuss physical therapy to get your pet on the road to better physical function.


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