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Senior Pet Care Tips: Diet and Weight Loss

Senior Pet Care From Your Clifton, NJ Veterinarian

Better nutrition and veterinary care have allowed pets to live longer than they ever have before in history. However, at a certain point, every pet will begin to show signs of age, such as diminished sight or hearing and less energy. Cats and dogs are generally considered elderly after the age of 8. Older pets are more vulnerable to diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, cancer, joint problems, and senility. These problems occur more frequently in animals that are significantly overweight. Your Clifton, NJ veterinarian can provide information about the best ways to manage your pet’s weight and nutrition to ensure he makes the most of his later years.

senior pet care from your veterinarian in clifton

What You Can Do To Protect Your Senior Pet

Your veterinarian will recommend a number of measures you can take to keep your pet healthy well into old age. You can provide high-quality nutrition to ensure he or she is getting the vitamins and minerals needed for good health and strong immune system function. A number of low-calorie pet foods are on the market to help pets maintain their weight in the normal range. Some animals may require vitamin supplements to ensure their continued health. Your vet can provide more information about nutritional aspects of aging and portion control for older dogs. It’s important to continue taking your dog for walks to manage weight and to keep joints functioning well. You should also see you veterinarian more frequently for examinations and blood tests that can find problems that can be treated to keep your pet functioning, well into old age.

Let Valley Animal Hospital Be Your Veterinarian in Clifton, NJ

Dr. Henderson, Dr. Thompson, and the trained staff at Valley Animal Hospital have dedicated themselves to providing gentle, compassionate care for their patients in Clifton, Montclair, and Nutley, at all stages of life. We offer wellness visits, sick animal care, flea and tick prevention, internal parasite treatment and prevention, spay and neuter services, orthopedic care, nonsurgical rehabilitative therapies, dental care, diagnostic services, pharmacy services, surgery, nutritional counseling, senior pet care and boarding. Call Valley Animal Hospital today at 973-509-5225 for an appointment to learn the best ways to manage your senior pet’s diet and nutrition.


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