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Pet Vaccination FAQs From our Veterinarian

Vaccination FAQs from Our Clifton Veterinarians

Vaccinations are an important part of keeping your pets healthy and safe from certain diseases. Our Clifton veterinarians provide routine vaccines for pets, which helps prevent the spread of specific illnesses. 

dog being vaccinated by his veterinarian in clifton, NJ

How Do Pet Vaccinations Work?

Vaccinations for pets involve administering shots that contain a small amount of a disease-causing organism that is killed or inactive. When these shots are given, they cause your pet’s immune system to find and target these organisms for destruction. This helps prevent active infections of rabies, distemper and other dangerous diseases. 

Why Are Vaccinations Important?

Vaccinations provide pets with protection from potentially life-threatening illnesses that have no cure, such as rabies. They offer a safe way to reduce your pet’s risk of getting one of these illnesses, which can offer you peace of mind. Keep in mind that having your pets vaccinated reduces the risk of needing to pay for expensive treatments. 

What Types of Vaccinations Do Pets Need?

This depends on whether you have a dog or cat. Dogs typically need vaccines for rabies, parvovirus, distemper and adenovirus. Some also need vaccines for parainfluenza, Bordetella, leptospirosis and canine influenza. Cats usually need vaccines for rabies, feline distemper, feline herpesvirus and calicivirus. Some cats also need vaccines for feline leukemia and Bordetella. Our veterinarian in Clifton will let you know which vaccinations your pets need. 

How Often Do Pets in Clifton Need Vaccinations?

Pets in Clifton might need vaccinations each year or every few years. Some vaccines provide protection for up to three years, while others only provide protection for one year. 

Are There Any Side Effects with Vaccinations?

Most pets do not experience any serious side effects after receiving vaccinations. Some more common effects include mild fever, slight discomfort at the injection site and a lower energy level, which usually only last for one or two days. Serious side effects, which are rare, include facial swelling, diarrhea, vomiting and hives.

Contact Our Veterinarian in Clifton for Vaccinations

If your pets need any vaccinations, contact Valley Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment. Our veterinarian in Clifton will make sure your pets are up-to-date.


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