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Spring Time Parasite Prevention for Pets

Springtime Parasite Prevention for Pets in Clifton

Spring’s warmer weather means that fleas, ticks, and other parasites will be making an appearance soon. These pests can cause trouble for pets, especially if they spend quite a bit of time outdoors. At Valley Animal Hospital, our veterinarians in Clifton can help you keep your pets free of parasites this spring.

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What Are Common Springtime Parasites?

In the Clifton area, fleas and ticks are common parasites that can infest pets in spring. Mosquitoes that carry heartworm are also common.

Do My Pets Need Parasite Prevention?

You might wonder if your pets even need any parasite prevention if they stay indoors all or most of the time. Keep in mind that indoor pets can also get heartworm, tick and flea problems if these pests end up getting into your home. Our veterinarians can help you determine which types of parasite prevention your pets need in order to lower their risk of illness. 

Why Is Parasite Prevention Important?

Parasite prevention helps protect your pets from potentially serious illnesses and other health issues. Fleas might be more of a nuisance than a major health threat for most pets, but some have allergic reactions to flea bites. These bites can cause them to scratch at their skin, which increases the risk of a skin infection. Ticks spread Lyme disease and other illnesses to pets, while heartworm can lead to life-threatening health problems. 

How Often Do Pets Need Parasite Prevention in Clifton?

This depends on the type of product you use for parasite prevention in Clifton. Some topical flea and tick applications need to be used once a month or every few months, while heartworm pills often need to be taken on a monthly basis. Our veterinarians will make sure that you know how often you should use these products on your pets. 

Visit Our Clifton Veterinarians for Parasite Prevention

If your pets could use parasite prevention this spring, contact Valley Animal Hospital for an appointment. Our Clifton veterinarians can provide you with flea and tick prevention, as well we heartworm prevention, to keep your pets healthy.


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