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Preventing Heat Stress and Injuries To Your Pets

Preventing Heat Stress and Heat-Related Injury in Pets With Valley Animal Hospital In Clifton, NJ

Heat stress can affect pets much more quickly than it does adult humans. Pets' smaller bodies and lack of body-wide sweat glands make it hard for them to regulate their body temperatures. They are also prone to heat up when excited or stressed, so they can become overheated even in situations where their owners are quite comfortable. Here is some pet tip from Valley Animal Hospital In Clifton, NJ to help prevent these issues:

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Signs of Heat Stress

Panting is the first sign of heat stress, but pets will do this on any hot day. To spot more-serious overheating, be on the lookout for other signs, too, such as the presence of large quantities of thick, ropey saliva. Bright red membranes of the mouth, tongue, and eyes are signs of high danger. Weakness and collapse indicate serious trouble. Due to damage to the gastrointestinal tract, vomiting and diarrhea can also be present.

Preventing Heat Stress and Heat-Related Injury in Your Pets

Warnings against leaving your pets in cars abound, and for good reason. Even on a cloudy 70-degree day, the temperature inside the car can spike to 89 in just 10 minutes. If it's already 80 outside, the car temperature becomes 99 in the same period of time. Needless to say, it won't take long for the ever-increasing interior temperatures to cook your pet.

It is important to remember that cars aren't the only source of overheating for your pets. They can easily get too hot when they are overly excited or scared. Therefore, pets should be kept indoors in quiet areas during these times.

Being left outdoors in the sun for too long is also dangerous, especially if there is no shade. Even with water, they will suffer heat stress on hot days. Let them out for only short periods during times of extreme heat.

Contact Your Local Clifton Veterinarian To Treat Your Pet From Heat Stress

For more tips for keeping your pet safe from heat stress, just call us here at Valley Animal Hospital in Clifton, NJ at (973) 509-5225. If your pet is showing signs of overheating, take him to see our veterinarian immediately.


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