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Pet Pain Management

Pet Pain Management  with our Clifton Veterinarian

If you have a pet who is experiencing pain, bring them to Valley Animal Hospital. Our veterinarian in Clifton will be happy to help ease the pain of your pet. Below is more information about pet pain management. We want to make sure that every pet is feeling its best and living without pain.

Veterinarian treating an injured dog

What It Is Pet Pain Management?

Pet pain management is important because it helps people become more educated and aware of pain their pets can experience. Animals can suffer from pain, just like we do. Chronic pain can be hard to detect. Acute pain is much more obvious. 

Why is it Important?

It is important because many people may not be aware that their pet is in pain since pets do not express their pain as people do. There are several ways to get involved. You can also get your pet seen by a vet if you notice that they are in pain.

You don't have to watch your animal suffer through the pain. Schedule a pet exam so that a veterinarian can diagnose and treat their pain. There are several ways pet pain can be treated. Acupuncture, pain medications, therapeutic massage, physical rehabilitation, laser therapy, and other pet rehabilitation services can all be used to help lessen and eliminate the pain your pet may be experiencing. Please contact our office if you have any questions about pet pain management or similar topics.

Pet Rehabilitation

Bring your pet in today so that our veterinarian in Clifton can help manage their pain and give them a pet exam to diagnose their pain. Visit us at Valley Animal Hospital, 1171 Valley Rd., Clifton, NJ 07013. You can also set an appointment over the phone by calling (973) 509-5225.


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  • "Great care of my cat! All the staff were wonderful to deal with and you can tell they really care and love what they do! Thanks for taking care of us!"
  • "Dr. Henderson is a caring Vet. We love him.
    We do not, however, love the prices Vets charge. It is more for a pet visit than a human being. I don't know how people with more than one animal afford pet care."
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