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The Role of Pet Rehabilitation Therapy

At Valley Animal Hospital, we have provided Clifton residents with reliable pet care services for many years. This includes pet rehabilitation therapy, which is useful for treating conditions of the muscles, bones, nerves, and tendons. When you first visit our animal hospital, our veterinarian will assess your condition to determine how pet rehabilitation therapy will be beneficial.

What Is Animal Rehabilitation Therapy?

If your pet has mobility issues or other health conditions that can cause physical limitations, we can improve the movement of your pet’s joints and muscles. This treatment also helps pets heal from neurologic or orthopedic injuries. The goal of animal rehab is to improve your pet’s mobility, help your pet be independent, and improve the quality of your pet’s life. For example, if your pet struggles with climbing the stairs, our certified physical therapists may include balancing exercises during their treatment plan.

At our animal hospital, our physical therapists and veterinarian perform a comprehensive exam on your pet to determine which areas are affecting the injury or health condition. The results we get from the exam determine which personalized rehabilitation plan we chose for your pet.

Conditions Treated

Animal rehabilitation therapy can treat a variety of conditions, including:

  • Mobility and movement problems 
    • Gait abnormalities
    • General mobility problems (climbing the stairs, sitting, jumping, etc.)
    • Balance
    • Endurance limitations
  • Orthopedic 
    • Joint conditions
    • Post-surgery treatments
    • Arthritis
    • Muscle strains
    • Sprains-ligaments or tendons
    • Fractures
  • Geriatric 
    • Arthritic
    • Muscle problems
  • Neurological 
    • Disc herniations
    • Paralysis
    • Degenerative myelopathy
  • Wellness 
    • Weight management

Recovering from Injuries 

The duration of recovery for all injuries is accelerated through physical rehabilitation. Our therapeutic techniques also reduce your pet’s aches and swelling. Your pet will begin to feel comfortable and relaxed as we continue to practice each technique. We ensure to treat the root cause of your pet’s pain and immobility. For example, pulsed signal therapy can minimize pain in the muscles that occur in the joint tissues and cartilage – all cells and nerves are regenerated.

Our licensed veterinary technicians will teach you how to prevent pet injuries with exercise and nutritional programs, best suited for your pet’s health conditions. The nutritional programs we recommend help strengthen your pet’s bones and muscles. We make sure that your pet gets all the vitamins and minerals they need for their health.

Renew Your Pet’s Health with Rehabilitation at Our Certified Hospital

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