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Importance of Pet Wellness Exams for Elderly Pets

The Importance of Pet Wellness Exams for Elderly Pets

Have you ever wondered the best way to keep your pet vibrant and healthy, even as it gets a little bit older? Pet wellness exams are crucial at any life stage, but their importance is magnified as your pet ages. Your pet's needs are different when it is a puppy or kitten as it adapts and changes through adulthood. Generally, cats and dogs are considered geriatric after the age of seven. Our team at Valley Animal Hospital in Clifton provides superior care for senior pets.

Senior Dog and Cat Wellness

As your pet ages, it is more common for it to need more individualized care. Depending on the breed of the cat or dog you have, it will experience age at different rates. Geriatric pets should have blood work annually. A series of routine tests and checkups will also be conducted to ensure your pet has good overall health. Some tests are as follows:

  • Checking blood pressure
  • Eye exam
  • Heart and lungs
  • Skin and coat
  • Mouth and teeth
  • Screening for tumors or cancers
  • Obesity

Why Preventative Measures Are Important For Older Pets

As your pet starts to get a little older, it can slowly develop subtle health issues. Running proper diagnostics allows our veterinary team to diagnose and treat problems that compromise your pet’s quality of life. A pet exam is also an excellent time to discuss with our veterinarian any concerns you have regarding nutritional needs, exercise, or sleeping patterns. We will also review your pet's vaccination schedule to ensure your pet is getting what it needs to stay healthy. Senior pets can even start to experience joint and hip pain or have signs of arthritis.

Schedule Your Pet Wellness Exam in Clifton, NJ

Many of the conditions that compromise your pet as it ages can be treated with the proper veterinary care. Our animal hospital in Clifton is honored to provide this service for your furry companions. Call us today at 973-509-5225 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Henderson.


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