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Easy Ways to Exercise with Your Dog

Exercise with Your Dog

Dogs make great exercise buddies and can help you stay in shape. At Valley Animal Hospital in Clifton, we encourage you to spend quality time frolicking with your pup, indoors and out, to keep you both healthy and fit. There are lots of ways you can exercise with your pet for fun and fitness. Here are just a few:


Walking can provide a great workout for you and your pup. In addition to strengthening muscles and toning the body, walking can help you relax as you take in the beauty of nature around you. A 30-minute walk morning and evening will stimulate you and your pet. By varying your paces and routes, you can get more from your walking times together.


Hiking takes your exercise times to another level as you have to work harder to get around on hiking trails or up and down slopes. Be sure your pup has his ID tag in case he runs off. Better yet, ask your Clifton veterinarian about microchipping your pet to protect him against theft and getting lost. Don’t forget to bring enough water to keep you both hydrated during your hike.


If cycling is more your style, take your pup along to get his blood pumping. Be sure you have the right gear for cycling with your pup and choose areas that are safe for your venture. Older dogs may not have the energy for cycling. Your Clifton veterinarian can provide counsel on the best types of exercise for senior pets. Ask your vet if cycling is a fit for your particular dog. Some dogs love it, but for others it’s much too strenuous 


Playtime can also provide golden opportunities to get good exercise with your pup. Throwing a Frisbee or ball for your dog exercises your upper body and gives him a great workout as he chases after these objects and brings them back. You can also race your pup to the ball or Frisbee for a more stimulating workout.

See Your Clifton Veterinarian for Exercise Tips and Veterinary Care

For more tips on exercising with your pup or to schedule quality veterinary care, contact Valley Animal Hospital in Clifton at (973) 509-5225.


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