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Healthy Weight for Pets

What is the Ideal Weight for Pets?

Pet owners are always looking for ways to ensure their pets remain healthy to ensure a long and happy life. One essential pet care tip is weight management. When you visit Valley Animal Hospital in Clifton, NJ, our expert veterinary care team will provide helpful information to help you keep your pet at a healthy weight to avoid obesity. Don't hesitate to contact a local animal hospital near you with any questions.

How Much Should My Pet Weigh?

So, what is a healthy weight for your pet? Below is a look at the average weight range for cats and dogs based on their breeds.


- Domestic (Female or Male): 8–10 pounds

- Himalayan (Female or Male): 7–12 pounds

- Maine Coone (Female: 10–15 pounds; Male: 15–25 pounds)

- Persian (Female or Male): 7–12 pounds

- Siamese (Female or Male): 7–12 pounds


- Australian Shepherd (Female: 40–55 pounds; Male: 40–55 pounds)

- Beagle (Female: 20–22 pounds; Male: 22–24 pounds)

- Boxer (Female: 55–65 pounds; Male: 65–80 pounds)

- French Bulldog (Female: 16–24 pounds; Male: 20–28 pounds)

- German Shepherd (Female: 50–70 pounds; Male: 65–90 pounds)

- Great Dane (Female: 110–140 pounds; Male: 140–175 pounds)

- Golden Retriever (Female: 55–65 pounds; Male: 65–75 pounds)

- Shih Tzu (Female or Male): 9–16 pounds

- Yorkshire Terrier (Female or Male): 4–7 pounds

Speak with your veterinarian about the healthy weight of your pet.

Weight Management Tips

Below are helpful tips many veterinary experts would recommend to keep your pet healthy:

Diet: A healthy diet is the best way to manage your pet's weight.

Exercise: Regular walks and physical activity will help avoid obesity and significant weight gain.

Genetics: Like with humans, genetics can affect your pet's health.

Medical Conditions: Conditions like diabetes and hypothyroidism can cause weight changes.

Medications: Some drugs can cause your pet to gain weight.

Get More Pet Care Tips From Your Veterinarian Today

Whether you're searching for a trusted "veterinarian near me" or Valley Animal Hospital in Clifton, we're proud to work hard to keep your animals healthy. We know how much your pets mean to you, and we'll help keep them healthy, happy, and thriving. Continue reading through our blog for weight management tips and much more, or call us to schedule your next appointment.


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