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  • How often should a dog have a wellness exam?
    How Often Should a Dog Have a Wellness Exam? Routine pet wellness exams are essential to the health of your dog. A routine check-up can uncover current health issues and conditions Read more
  • The Role of Pet Rehabilitation Therapy
    Valley Animal Hospital Offers Animal Rehabilitation Therapy Rehabilitation therapy is becoming recognized as a viable option for the care of many veterinary orthopedic problems. Like physical therapy for humans, animals undergo Read more
  • Why is Pet Dental Important?
    Why Is Pet Dental Important? Your pet’s teeth are more than just a device that helps them to eat. Your pet’s teeth are tied to overall health for your pet and Read more
  • Cat Dental Care
    Cat Dental Care Cats, like people, require routine dental care to keep their teeth healthy and working properly. If your cat needs a dental cleaning session, or if they are suffering Read more
  • Preventative Care for Fleas and Ticks
    Preventative Care for Fleas and Ticks Now that summer is officially here, it’s time to guard against fleas and ticks. It’s important not to let your beloved pet be a victim Read more
  • Importance Of Vaccinating Your Pet
    The Importance of Pet Vaccines at Valley Animal Hospital At the Valley Animal Hospital, our top priority is to take care of the pets and families in Clifton. Our veterinary services Read more
  • How Often Does My Dog Need to Get a Teeth Cleaning
    How Often Does My Dog Need Dental Cleaning? Most people brush their teeth every day and have them cleaned professionally twice per year. But what about your dog? They can’t brush Read more
  • Pet Ear Infections
    Pet Ear Infections Ear infections can occur when your pet has been exposed to foreign bodies such as yeast, bacteria, or ear mites. Ear infections can be treated, but early diagnosis Read more
  • Annual Vaccines for Your Dog
    Why Annual Vaccines for Your Dog are so Important  Dogs are a lot like us when it comes to health. They can be vibrant and energetic when healthy, as well as Read more
  • Physical Rehab for Pets
    Does Your Pet Need Physical Rehab? If your pet needs physical rehab, you have come to the right place. At Valley Animal Hospital, we deal with different types of rehab for Read more
  • Pet Pain Management
    Pet Pain Management Like humans, dogs can suffer from acute, persistent, and chronic pain. Unfortunately, they do not always have the ability or the inclination to let us know when they Read more
  • Senior Pet Wellness
    Veterinary Care for Aging Dogs We want the best for our geriatric canine companions. It is important to receive regular wellness exams at any age, but it becomes even more important Read more
  • Pet Arthritis Treatment
    Pet Arthritis Treatment With dogs living longer than ever before, it is very common for dogs to suffer from neurological conditions and/or arthritis in their senior years. Arthritis causes pain and Read more
  • Your Clifton Vet For Aging Dogs
    Valley Animal Hospital In most cases, a dog is considered a senior dog by the time he’s five and ten years of age, but senior status can vary according to the Read more
  • Why Are Pet Vaccinations So Important?
    Why are Pet Vaccinations so Important? When it comes to caring for your pets, Valley Animal Hospital makes sure your pets receive proper vaccines. Vaccinations truly make a difference in your Read more
  • How to protect your Pets heart!
    Tips to Help You Protect Your Pet's Heart One of the most important parts of overall physical health is ensuring that your heart is healthy and in good shape. While this Read more


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    Great care of my cat! All the staff were wonderful to deal with and you can tell they really care and love what they do! Thanks for taking care of us!


    Dr. Henderson is a caring Vet. We love him. We do not, however, love the prices Vets charge. It is more for a pet visit than a human being. I don't know how people with more than one animal afford pet care.

    georgef, Glen Ridge