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Safety Practices During The Warmer Months

Pets love summer! Summer often means spending more time outside. What pet doesn’t appreciate that? The problem arises when pets spend too much time outside and have their health jeopardized by issues related to heat or too much sun.

If you think your pet has had too much sun or is suffering in the heat, talk to our vet at Valley Animal Hospital in Clifton, NJ for assistance.

Survive Summer Heat 

Pets can’t tell you when they have had enough of the summer heat, so you need to watch your pet for signs that this may be the case. Humidity can also contribute to your pet’s discomfort, and can be dangerous in extreme or prolonged situations.

If you worry your pet has had too much sun or heat, take him to our vet pronto. Our veterinarian will take your pet’s temperature to determine if he has heatstroke, which can be lethal if your pet’s temperature rises to 104-degrees or higher.

Keep Your Pet Hydrated 

It is also imperative that you pay attention to your pet's hydration on hot, sunny days. Also, limit exercise on days that are warm to prevent your pet from becoming dehydrated or affected by the heat. Always provide your pet with shade and cool, fresh water and make sure that there is ample air circulation wherever your pet happens to be. A doghouse is not an appropriate or safe place for any pet on very-hot days.

Remember to never leave your pet in a car on a hot day or any day! The temperature inside a vehicle can rise quickly, putting your pet's life in extreme danger.

Watch for Heatstroke 

Do you know the signs of heatstroke in pets? Some symptoms include excessive panting, rapid breathing, fast heartbeat, lethargy, and difficulty walking. Your pet can also lose consciousness or vomit. Seek medical attention promptly if your pet exhibits any of these symptoms.

The most vulnerable pets are those that are very young or old, as well as those with underlying medical issues or compromise, including being overweight. Certain breeds are also more susceptible to the heat. Talk to our veterinarian to learn more.

Keep your pet safe in the summer heat. Our veterinarian in Clifton can help. 

Use these tips to keep your pet safe in the heat of summer, and to help them cool down after a long hot day. If you have questions or concerns, talk to our veterinary team at Valley Animal Hospital in Clifton, NJ to schedule your pet’s vet appointment today.


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